Dall-E Amazing Prompts

a futuristic car, Cybernetic, sci-fi: glows, greens, metals, armor, chrome

hyerophant, god light, cinematic look, octane render, under water, –wallpaper

a home built in a huge Soap bubble, windows, doors, porches, awnings, middle of SPACE, cyberpunk lights, Hyper Detail, 8K, HD, Octane Rendering, Unreal Engine, V-Ray, full hd — s5000 –uplight –q 3 –stop 80–w 0.5 –ar 1:3

Rubber Duck Aliens visiting the Earth for the first time, hyper-realistic, cinematic, detailed –ar 16:9

Reunion of man, team, squad, cyberpunk, abstract, full hd render + 3d octane render +4k UHD + immense detail + dramatic lighting + well lit + black, purple, blue, pink, cerulean, teal, metallic colours, + fine details + octane render + 8k

modern kids play area landscape architecture, water play area, floating kids, seating areas, perspective view, rainy weather, biopunk, cinematic photo, highly detailed, cinematic lighting, ultra-detailed, ultrarealistic, photorealism, 8k, octane render, –ar 16:12

earth reviving after human extinction, a new beginning, nature taking over buildings, animal kingdom, harmony, peace, earth balanced –version 3 –s 1250 –uplight –ar 4:3 –no text, blur